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Our individual service consultants have the experience and discipline required to perform their duties effectively, but also have expert resources at their fingertips at all times.

By implementing strategies that encourage a productive and complimentary service, RCS can save you both time and money. We promote a culture that furthers the education of bright-minded professionals, while offering the best technologies at significantly lower costs. RCS is privately owned, and we have no corporate debt and minimal overhead. This allows us to operate at a high capacity without costly counterproductivity and micromanagement.

Our services

Non-destructive Examination

Defined as a non-intrusive means of implementing materials examination for critical systems, NDE provides a reliable way to inspect and document the integrity of complex in-service mechanical and pressurized systems. NDE is used across a broad range of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, pipeline, offshore platforms, subsea mechanical structures, nuclear, power, mining, drilling components, structural and bridge, aviation, outer space, and all sorts of transportation components.

Pipeline Anomaly Evaluation

RCS provides daily inspection and examination of pipeline anomalies identified by ILI smart pigging. The purpose is to detect, validate, measure, and characterize pipeline defects, further categorizing and recommending repair based on engineering repair protocol. We provide pipeline quality assessments to engineers with intent, passion, and the advanced technology to verify code compliance and system integrity.

ILI Tool Accuracy Validation

ILI smart tool technology is becoming more and more advanced, thus increasing additional challenges for integrity engineers, risk data analysts, and inspection personnel. We are a team of highly experienced professionals and our job is to maintain the most up-to-date knowledge about new ILI tool developments. As the ILI technology becomes more advanced, the validation of the instrumentís ILI calls require tighter validation for the accuracy of measurement. Our team of pipeline integrity NDT professional service providers are trained and experienced with the most sophisticated state-of-the-art direct assessment technology available to detect, analyze, and validate in-service pipeline anomalies identified by ILI smart tool technology.

Advanced NDT Applications

 Many non-destructive testing applications are common in the industry. However, some in-service systems contain very high volumes of discontinuities that require complex automated testing. Other systems contain hidden defects that may be detrimental to the safe serviceability of a component and are often undetectable with conventional non-destructive testing. This requires specialized techniques and highly experienced personnel in order to detect and accurately characterize the defects. Everyday RCS technicians provide accurate information to our customers by utilizing the most advanced ultrasonic testing equipment and techniques. Our experience with crack sizing and internal corrosion mapping is a combination realistic lab training and real world challenges. RCS leads the way in advanced services by developing new approaches to automation and by correcting inspection inaccuracies, offering new possibilities for productivity and providing peace of mind, in knowing the job is performed right.