RCS is on a mission to make pipelines safe and profitable.

In 2007, Sean Riccardelli launched Riccardelli Consulting Services as a pipeline integrity contractor, providing NDE technical support for anomaly evaluation and ILI (In-Line Inspection) smart tool validation.

We are a small, service-oriented focused business, and we serve our customers on a personal level, not a corporate one. Our concept of ‘Integrity Delivers Quality’ is the core foundation of who we are. We believe in honest, effective work to ensure exceptional performance and minimum hassle and risk.

By developing new approaches to automation, correcting inspection inaccuracies, and offering new possibilities for productivity and job performance, we remain an industry leader of pipeline anomaly assessments. Our operations strategy involves leveraging cutting edge Ultrasonic Technology and Imaging Software, with proprietary applications, procedures and equipment designs.

As non-destructive technology evolves, so does the marketplace. We believe that our expertise with advanced technology benefits other areas of the oil and gas and petrochemical industry. Our extreme standard of excellence fuels this demand.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers and educational facilities to bring new levels of quality assurance and certification to System Integrity and Process Safety management. We strive for, and are recognized as being a “center of excellence” for Advancement of Ultrasonic Methodology and Technique.


We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

We provide our customers the most sophisticated non-intrusive examinations and knowledgeable NDE specialists available in the industry.

We are committed to providing the highest technical training and education to our advanced system operators and data analysts. We believe that continuous innovative research in the science of NDT provides technicians and customers with the best options in delivering desired results. As an industry leader in pipeline anomaly inspection and examination, we understand trustworthy documentation of defects and repair is a pivotal process of the operator’s integrity management plan (IMP).

Our team of pipeline integrity NDE professional service providers are trained and experienced with the most sophisticated state-of-the-art direct assessment technology available to detect, analyze, and validate in-service pipeline anomalies identified by ILI smart tool technology.
We are on a mission to make pipelines safe and profitable.

It is with this conviction and pursuit of quality service that provides the world a safer place to live, while utilizing our talent and assisting the industry in respectfully leveraging our God-given environmental resources.


We unite ingenuity with comprehensive processes and procedures, cutting-edge technology, and an educated team of professionals.

Sean Riccardelli
Sean Riccardelli
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Browning
Jeff Browning
Technical Director
Devin Kapping
Devin Kapping
Quality Data Manager

The RCS team is made up of experienced operators and certified technicians, equipped with the latest training techniques and the most innovative anomaly assessment technology available.

This allows us to optimize operational effectiveness and results. We currently employ a staff of over 20 professionals specializing in Pipeline Integrity, NACE Corrosion Analysis, Internal Corrosion Mapping, SCC Crack Sizing, Vessel, Tank and Welding Inspection, Code Compliance, and Process Safety.

RCS staff undergoes update training and certification on all methods of inspection and testing on a continuous basis, in accordance with the following respected organizations:

  • ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing)
  • API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)
  • AWS (American Welding Society)

In addition, we utilize outside resources through a committee of accomplished industry professionals to create un-biased and objective oversight of our programs, and to guarantee the integrity of critical services to our customers.